Spectator Information

2019 information below, updated information coming early fall 2020.

Below is your spectator guide to the California International Marathon. Check below for parking tips, Google maps of key spectator locations, and information about each of the best viewing locations along the course.

The Start - Auburn-Folsom Road Next to Folsom Dam

Spectators are not allowed at the start!

Mile 6 - Corner of Oak Avenue and Fair Oaks Boulevard: Cheer Zone

Description: Cheer zone with a DJ at the best spot to cheer your runner on early in the race!

Click here to see the Cheer Zone’s location on Google Maps. 

Mile 10 - Old Town Fair Oaks: Cheer Zone

Description: Cheer zone in beautiful Old Fair Oaks with a Blues Band and the famous Fair Oaks free range chickens!

Click here to see the Cheer Zone’s location on Google Maps. 

Mile 13.4 - Fair Oaks Blvd at Manzanita Ave: Relay Exchange

Description: Cheer zone with a DJ where you can celebrate with relay runners who have just finished and marathoners who have just passed the halfway point!

Click here to see the Cheer Zone’s location on Google Maps. 

Mile 20 - “Breakthrough Zone”

Description: The Wall will be set-up in front of Drake’s Circle on Fair Oaks Blvd. Come cheer on the runners as they reach (and run through) the “Breakthrough Zone”

Click here to see the Cheer Zone’s location on Google Maps. 

Mile 21 - Loemann's Plaza


Mile 24.2 - Sutter Middle School: Cheer Zone

Description: Turn out and cheer alongside the future marathoners of Sutter Middle School and support our runners as they enter the final two miles! 

Click here to see the Cheer Zone’s location on Google Maps. 

Mile 25.7-26.2 - “Wall of Sound”

Description: Get down to the finish and cheer your runner home along with bands and DJs!

Click here to see the Cheer Zone’s location on Google Maps. 

Enhanced Finish Line Security Procedures

CIM has implemented new security procedures requiring all Finish Festival attendees to pass through one of nine designated security checkpoints. For a map that includes all nine of those locations, click here. For more information on complete CIM security procedures, click here.

Parking Information

In addition to the parking lots listed below, there is metered street parking (Friday and Saturday) near the marathon Finish (and Saturday 5ks Start/Finish). Use the City of Sacramento’s ParkWhiz application for information on parking availability Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday street parking near the finish line area and hotel is free and plentiful. Please Note: If you choose to park in the Capitol Garage located at the northwest corner of 10th St & L St between 6am-12pm Saturday or 7pm-2:15pm Sunday you will have to access it by turning south on 9th St, left on Kayak Alley, and entering the garage across 10th St.

Road Closure Schedule

For up to date road closure information and closure avoidance we recommend using the WAZE app who have partnered with the California International Marathon to make your drive on race day more enjoyable.

The road closure grid below is based on a 3:00 min/mile pace for the first racers (hand crank wheelchair) and approximately a 13:44 min/mile pace for the slowest runners. Important notes:

  • After the first, very fast handcrank wheelchair racer, there will be large gaps between other racers, and intersections staffed by law enforcement may very carefully wave through traffic, when possible.
  • Slower runners might fall behind the reopen times shown below. In such cases, the runners are pedestrians responsible for heeding normal traffic laws.
  • Regular traffic will be allowed on the course by the CHPs reopening the course according to the times in the table below.
  • Folsom-Auburn Road to the north of the start area is closed to through traffic at the intersection of Eureka Road beginning at 3:00am and reopening at 9:30am. Only vehicles taking runners to the start will be allowed past the Eureka Road intersection.
  • The Capitol Mall between 8th St and 9th St will be closed beginning at 8:00am on Friday, 12/6 until 5:00pm on Sunday, 12/8.
  • 8th St and 9th St between N St and L St will be closed beginning at 2:00pm on Friday, 12/6 until 5:00pm on Sunday, 12/8.
  • 10th St between N St and L St will be closed beginning at 6:00pm on Friday, 12/6 until 5:00pm un Sunday, 12/8.
  • The California Highway Patrol, Sacramento Police, and Folsom Police mandate the road closures and have ultimate authority on executing the closing and opening of the roads during CIM.
  • The road closure schedule below is subject to change on race day.

2019 CIM Street Closure Times

MileCloseOpenCross Street
15:207:50Oak Ave.
25:208:05American River Canyon
5:208:05Santa Juanita and Oak
36:508:20April and Oak
46:508:30Beech and Oak
56:508:45Wachtel and Oak
66:509:00Oak and FOB
76:509:15Woodlake Hills and FOB
6:509:30Greenback Lane
87:059:30Niessen and FOB
7:059:40Madison Ave.
97:059:50Dorian and FOB
107:0510:00Main and FOB
7:0510:05Sunrise Blvd.
117:0510:15New York and FOB
127:0510:30Hollister and FOB
137:0510:45California and FOB
7:0511:00Manzanita Ave.
147:3011:00Grant and FOB
157:3011:15Kenneth and FOB
167:3011:30Garfield and FOB
177:3011:45Paloma and FOB
187:3012:00Saverien and FOB
197:3012:15Coronado and FOB
7:301:00Watt Ave.
207:301:00Hawthorn and FOB
7:301:00Munroe and FOB
217:301:00University and FOB
8:001:00Howe Ave.
228:001:00Carlson and J Street
238:001:30Bear Flag and J Street
248:001:4533rd and J Street
8:001:45Alhambra Blvd.
8:002:00L Street
258:002:0522nd and L Street
7:002:1015th and L Street
267:002:158th and L Street