Loyal Runners

Have you run the CIM a few times? Are you approaching your 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th or maybe even 30th CIM? If so, welcome to the Loyal Runner Club!

Runners who have run 10 or more CIMs (full marathon only) qualify for the following gifts.

Loyal Runner Gifts California International Marathon

All eligible loyal runners will be contacted in early 2020 with their registration information and instructions.

10-Year Club
10-Year Club pin

15-Year Club
15-Year Club pin

20-Year Club
20-Year Club pin

25-Year Club
25-Year Club pin

Lifetime Club (30+ Years)
Lifetime Club pin
FREE CIM entries for LIFE

5-Time Finisher
Travel coffee mug

Beginning in 2021, Loyal Runners (10+ CIM Finishes) will now receive a guaranteed race entry to be used during an exclusive early registration period at a special Loyal Runner discounted price.  Registration for eligible Loyal Runners (ALL runners with 10 or more CIM finishes) will be available in a special “pre-entry” window in Jan-Feb preceding regular registration opening to the public.  This will be available to ALL runners who have completed 10 or more California International Marathons and available every year to all Loyal Runners (as opposed to the one time use discount per 5-year level in the past).  Your Loyal Runner guaranteed registration access codes will be sent to all eligible loyal runners in early January 2021 along with registration instructions.  Runners who have completed 30 or more CIMs receive a guaranteed complimentary entry; those registration codes will be sent and must be used during this same exclusive early registration period.


General Loyal Runner Rules:
  • Loyal Runner gifts are subject to change on any given year. If inventory is remaining those items will be available until they are gone. We will not hand out retired gifts retroactively once the inventory is depleted.
  • The Loyal Runner Club is only available for the full marathon. Relay finishes do not count towards your CIM Loyal Runner Club tally.
  • Your finishes need not be consecutive.
  • You are eligible to pick up your gifts at the CIM Expo if this year’s CIM is the year that qualifies you for one of the Loyal Runner Clubs.
  • You may also pick up your gifts at the CIM Expo if you are eligible and have yet to claim your most recent gifts (i.e. The 2012 CIM was your 10th CIM but you never picked up any of the Loyal Runner gifts. You would be eligible to pick up the 10-Year Club gifts at this year’s CIM Expo).
  • Gifts will not be distributed retroactively (i.e. You picked up your 10-Year Club gift at the 2011 CIM and have not yet reached 15 CIMs. You are not eligible for the 10-Year Club gifts since you already received them in 2011).
  • Loyal Runner Club gifts will ONLY be available at the CIM Expo. They will not be available at the CIM finish line nor directly mailed to you.
  • You must be registered for the current year California International Marathon to pick up your Loyal Runner Gift.
  • Eligible Loyal Runners will be contacted with registration dates.
CIM Streakers

Shout out to our Original Streakers! These 12 runners completed the first 30 consecutive CIMs and are the only runners who can claim the title of CIM Streaker.

Michael Buzbee, Steve Haun, Bruce Mauldin, Mike Nolan, John O’Neill, Steven Polansky, Michael Ryan, Michael Sullivan, Ernest Takahashi, Barry Turner, Tim Tweitmeyer, Denis Zilaff