Loyal Runners

We would like to thank those dedicated runners who choose to join us, year after year, for the Fastest Course in the West!

What is a loyal runner?

Any runner who has completed 10 or more CIM’s (full marathon only). Participation does not have to be in consecutive years.

How do I join the program?

Any runners who have completed 10 or more CIM’s are welcome to join the Loyal Runner Program to start taking advantage of the benefits. Please enroll for the program here. Runners must be enrolled in the program to receive the benefits.

When is the deadline to enroll for the Loyal Runner Program?

To take advantage of the Loyal Runner Benefits for the 2024 CIM, please enroll by December 31 2023. If you register later than that, you run the risk of missing out on your benefits.

What are the benefits?

• Discounted registration rates each year for the California International Marathon
Name listed in the 2024 CIM Digital Event Program
• Bib badge to indicate you are a loyal runner

How does the discount work?

Registration for the 2024 CIM will open the day after the 2023 CIM. Loyal Runners will receive a registration code that will allow them to register for the Gold Level entry at the Blue Level pricing,  A$50 value!  These codes will only be good through February 29 and will not be applied retroactively.

Life Time Members!

To those runners who have completed 30 or more CIMs, we say Thank You and Congratulations! Our Life Time Members will still receive their free entries each year.

Note: This is not a guaranteed spot. You must request your Life Time Member Code and register by June 1 each year or before the event sells out, whichever comes first. These codes will not be sent automatically.

CIM Streakers

Shout out to our Original Streakers! These 12 runners completed the first 30 consecutive CIMs and are the only runners who can claim the title of CIM Streaker.

Michael Buzbee, Steve Haun, Bruce Mauldin, Mike Nolan, John O’Neill, Steven Polansky, Michael Ryan, Michael Sullivan, Ernest Takahashi, Barry Turner, Tim Tweitmeyer, Denis Zilaff