The CIM Pace Team

2017 information below, updated information coming early fall 2018.

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Looking for a Boston Marathon qualifying time? Trying to achieve a PR? Our CIM Pace Team leaders can help you achieve your finish time goal. Here is a list of the most common questions about our elite team of pacers:

What are the pace group goal times available at CIM?
Running your age group standard no longer guarantees an entry to the Boston Marathon. Boston hopefuls now must run ~ 3 minutes faster than their age group standard to be accepted. Therefore, each CIM pace group associated with a BQ will run 3 minutes faster than the standard qualifying time. For example, the 3:25 group becomes the 3:22 group, the 3:35 group becomes the 3:32 group, and so on. See below for a list of each pace group.

Will CIM have any pace groups not associated with a Boston standard?
Yes, CIM will also have the following non-BQ pace groups: 2:45, 3:00, 3:30, 4:00, and 4:30. See links below for more information on each specific group.

How can I learn more about a specific pace group/leader?
Follow the link associated with the pace group times below to learn more about the pace team leaders. Here you will find pictures, bios, and contact information for your leader. Coming soon.

What is a pace team leader?
A Pace Team Leader is an experienced distance runner whose objective is to evenly pace runners to their time goal. They achieve this by setting an even pace (min/mile) from start to finish (with slight variations for terrain). Our leaders have run CIM multiple times, and are very familiar with the course and terrain.

Do I need to sign up for a pace team?
No. You can meet your pacer in advance at the expo, or just look for your pace team leader on race morning. Each pace team leader will be at the start waving a red sign with their finish time goal. Arrive early!

Need more information?
Contact Lee McKinley, Pace Team Director, at