CIM Ambassador Program

The CIM Ambassador Program is no longer accepting 2023 applicants. Check back in January for the 2024 application.

2023 CIM Ambassador Program

CIM Ambassador Benefits:
Complimentary entry into CIM
CIM apparel package
Gifts from our sponsors
Featured on our website

What does a CIM Ambassador do?
CIM Ambassadors help spread the word about CIM to their community!

Ambassadors should be:
Passionate and active runners
Outgoing and friendly people
Able to make a one-year commitment (January – December 2023)

One-Year Commitment Includes:
Active on personal social media accounts posting about CIM
CIM Instagram posts during local large events
Involvement with local running clubs
Organize a community fun run to promote CIM in August
Become a CIM Ambassador today!

Alyssa McElheny
Belding, MI

My name is Alyssa McElheny and I’m a runner, Lululemon Ambassador, and coach from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I’ve been a runner since I started running track in 6th grade (21 or so years now). I now have the privilege of coaching high school and middle school athletes. When I’m not running or coaching, you can find me photographing weddings. I love the California International Marathon experience and I’m so excited to be a part of CIM 2023!

A running-related goal that I am currently working towards is running a sub-2:37 marathon and. qualifying for the 2024 US Olympic Trials marathon. I hope to accomplish this at CIM 2023!

Instagram – @alyssamcelheny

Caroline Sekaquaptewa
Tempe, AZ

I am Hopi from the Patkiwungwa clan (water clan). I am a 48 year old mother of 4 daughters and So’o (grandma) to two grandsons. I have been an educator for twenty years, working with a family literacyprogram that serves Native American families. In my free time I love to challenge myself- whether it bethrough running, triathlon, intellectually. My culture and family are very important to me, and I do my best to participate in and sustain our Hopi life.

I grew up on the Hopi reservation in Sipaulovi village, where running is part of life. I have been fortunateto be surrounded by a running culture, and a culture that values giving to others without expecting a payback. In this spirit, my brother and I have created several fundraisers that benefit Hopi nonprofits tocoincide with training for races such as Boston Marathon and Ironman races. When I run, I am grateful to know the miles are helping others.

Instagram –  @__sekaquaptewa__

David Dameron
Centennial, CO

I grew up in Sacramento and currently live in the Denver, Colorado metro area. It took me 13 years to BQ achieving that goal in 2019 at CIM. I’ve been an avid runner since 2006 including 5 CIM finishes (3 BQ’s at CIM and 1 sub-3 at CIM), a 2022 Ironman California finish, along with endless other races of varying distances over the years. My wife and I have two young boys and two dogs so needless to say, I have plenty of active recovery time with the chaos of a busy house. CIM is my favorite race, I consider it to be the Greatest Marathon in the World, and I plan on running CIM every year until the day I die. 

At this stage of my running career, I don’t have the pressure of hitting that BQ or sub 3 since I’ve accomplished those goals. I’m still chasing them, but my focus has shifted to help others in the running community. My goal is to help others achieve their running goals, especially those who’ve been chasing BQ’s for years like I did.

Website –
Instagram –

Ellen Louise Cox
Austin, TX

I’m a six-time marathon finisher who has been slowly improving over time. I run with a team in Austin, Texas called Gilbert’s Gazelles. Running has brought so many gifts into my life including an incredible friend and support network that have helped carry me through some of the hardest periods of my life. When I’m not running I’m a marketer who specializes in website strategy. I’ve called Austin home since 2010, but grew up in Chicago. My biggest supporters are my husband, my family, and my dog Wylie.

My goals: Hoping to run my first sub-4-hour marathon in 2023, Beyond that I’ll start working to try to BQ, Long-term my goal is to become a World Marathon Major Six Star Finisher, After that I would love to try and run an ultra marathon.

Instagram – @ellenlouisecox

Erin Kennedy Dalisay
Arlington, VA

My name is Erin Kennedy Dalisay and I grew up in Sutter, California. The California International Marathon was my first marathon in 2010. My favorite training route for CIM used to be a loop around the Sutter Buttes. After falling in love with marathoning, I went on to earn my Doctor of Physical Therapy and create RunWell Clinic, my business dedicated to rehabilitation and wellness for runners in Arlington, VA. I’m excited to return this year for my hometown race and fourth CIM! 

My goal: Fostering stronger runners across their lifespan by blending mental and physical health.

Website –
Instagram – @runwellclinic

Evgenia Hutson
Chicago, IL

I am Zhenya Hutson and I am a Chicago based runner and run coach. 

I love so many things about running, but my favorite has got to be the running community, especially the one here in Chicago. Long runs on the lakefront path fly by when you are sharing miles with friends and get to see so many familiar faces. 

I was a short-distance runner in High School, long-distance running is a very recent development. I started training to run long distances in January of 2020, ran my first marathon in Chicago in 2021, and have been obsessed ever since. CIM 2023 will be my 10th Marathon. 

I have an ambitious goal of getting as close to a 3 hour marathon as I possibly can this year. Last fall I ran a PR of 3:14:48 in Berlin. I keep hearing great stories of PRs from CIM, and I am beyond excited to see what I can do on the course this December! 

Instagram – @beingzhenya

Husan Davis
Perth Amboy, NJ

My first run & race ever was a 5k in Queens,NY in Nov. 2022.After watching the highlights of the New York Marathon online, I decided to sign up as a charity runner in 2023. In less than a year, I will go from my couch to 26.2, residing in New Jersey with Caribbean Roots of the beautiful twin island of Trinidad & Tobago. CIM will be my second marathon, precisely four weeks after my first one, which may sound insane to some. But my mantra is: “If not you, then who? If not now, then when”. I want to let people know, no matter the challenge, as long as you plan and train you can most definitely execute it! 

My running goals for 2023 is to finish NYC, and then FLY to the west coast and get A PR at the 40th anniversary of CIM, I’m incredibly excited & looking forward to meeting you all on the streets of Cali! 

Instagram – @runsonsoca & @mixmantreble

Jason Klein
Farmers Branch, TX

I am an MD/PhD Dermatology resident in Dallas, TX. I started running in high school cross country and track and bike racing during college. For the past 10 years, I have been racing triathlons and marathons. CIM was my third marathon in 2018 and a PR at the time. I love to push my limits and am looking forward to another PR at CIM 2023!

I am always looking to improve. My short term goal is to break 2:45 in the marathon, and stay injury free while doing it!

Instagram – @winonthe1sttri

Minji Wong
San Francisco, CA

This year, I am  celebrating my 20th year running anniversary since running my first marathon at CIM! I am a mother runner chasing world marathon majors. Last year, I ran 3 world majors over 6 weeks while raising funds for Girls on the Run, a nonprofit she serves as a 5th year Board Member. I have been running since I was a kid and haven’t turned back. I took 12 years off running to find balance between work, life and raising kids. Now that my kids are running in track and cross country teams, I have just returned back as masters runner finding balance and reclaiming my identity as a runner. Join me this year as I run my 3rd CIM. 

My goal is to BQ and complete all World Marathon Majors.

Instagram – @mamaxruns

Nadia Ruiz
Santa Fe Springs, CA

Nadia’s fitness journey began when she completed her first marathon at the age of 14 with her dad, age 40 at the time.Twenty-five years later, Nadia has completed 151 marathons with 77 Boston Qualifications, 120 half marathons, 16 half/full Ironmans, 16 ultra marathons, and several adventure / stage races, frequently in the top of her age group or overall women. She has traveled to 27 countries exploring challenging events, cultures, and connecting with people around the world to reach almost 600 lifetime races. In 2013, Nadia was named the Youngest Female to Run 100 Marathons in the world. Since then, Nadia has expanded her online coaching business and educational resources to support others on their fitness journey at any stage of their lives. Her passion continues to support inner city youth sports programs.

Nadia’s goals are to continue to motivate her community and make an impact demonstrating we each have it within us to follow our biggest dreams and leave a positive impact in our communities.

Instagram – @irongirlnadia