CIM Ambassador Program

Are you passionate about the California International Marathon?

Do you enjoy meeting new people?

Become a CIM Ambassador!

2022 CIM Ambassador Program

CIM Ambassador Benefits:
Complimentary entry into CIM
CIM apparel package
Gifts from our sponsors
Featured on our website
Referral code for your running community and chance to earn rewards

What does a CIM Ambassador do?
CIM Ambassadors help spread the word about CIM to their community!

Ambassadors should be:
Passionate and active runners
Outgoing and friendly people
Able to make a one-year commitment (January – December 2022)

One-Year Commitment Includes:
Active on personal social media accounts posting about CIM
CIM Instagram posts during local large events
Involvement with local running clubs
Organize a community fun run to promote CIM in August
Help at the CIM Expo (Dec 2 & 3)

Become a CIM Ambassador today!

Haileigh Avellar
Manhattan, Kansas

In 2015 I became serious about running with my first marathon in 2016 and second at CIM in 2019. I fell in love with the physical challenge of running and use it as an outlet for my busy life as a surgery resident!

Anthony Chan
La Jolla. CA

I’m super excited to be a CIM Ambassador, and look forward to sharing the great experiences you’ll have from Folsom to Sacramento. When not racing Ironman and marathons, you’ll find me giving back to the running community through volunteer work and pacing. See you out there!

Stephanie Dunlap
Yuba City, CA

I went from couch potato to marathoner in 2012. Ever since then I’ve been hooked! CIM 2019 was in fact my 20th full marathon. Between being a teacher to raising three kids, running and blogging about running at helps to keep me sane.

Victor Hurtado
Santa Maria, CA

I started running 6 years ago in order to lose a few pounds. 80 lbs lighter and here I am, still running. I have ran and paced so many races all over California and can’t wait to run CIM in December. I have big goals for CIM. Sub 2:40? Sub 2:35? We shall see!

Nathan Imhoff
Valencia, CA

After suffering a brutal assault and struggling with PTSD for years, I found refuge and healing in training for my very first marathon in 2018. Crossing that finish line changed me forever!

Jose Libunao
San Jose, CA

I’m Jose and I didn’t start running until my mid 30’s. I was encouraged by a co-worker to train for my 1st marathon in 2012. After that, I got the running bug and have run more than 60 marathons. I challenged myself to run a marathon in every US state. In May 2020, I’ll complete my 50 US state journey in Buffalo, NY. I hope to inspire others to enjoy and love running and perhaps challenge others to also run a marathon in every US state.

Luis Lopez
Orlando, FL

I fell in love with the sport and the relationships developed throughout the years! I have been running since 2010 and I ran my first CIM last year and expect to get back this year!

Marie O’Reilly
Cincinnati, OH  

Over the years, running has helped me grow into a much better person by channeling my passion for not only helping others and myself be healthier, but also to push ourselves beyond where we are today, physically and mentally.  Yes, we need to also have some fun along the way!

From the back of the pack to mid pack, no matter where you are, or what your pace is, keep it fun AND real!

The marathon-It can hurt and reward all in one movement, but no one can take away that feeling of crossing the finish line-YOUR finish line! 

Rachel Richelieu
Reston, VA

I am a wife and mom of two little ones and live outside Washington, DC. While I have done five marathons (CIM 2019 was #5), my first two were over 10 years ago and I only recently got serious about running through Crossfit endurance workouts (WODs) which I relished given the running and extreme intensity. I was encouraged by a friend to try to qualify for Boston. I decided to try in May of 2018, hired a coach and qualified in September at a Last Chance BQ in Michigan. I did Boston in 2019 and I requalifed at Boston and will toe the line again in April 2020. I bettered my time at CIM 2019 (whoot!) on this incredible course! Looking forward to doing the work this year and CIM2020 and chasing a PR!

Jeannene Gonzales
Denver, CO

Hey, I’m Jeannene and a native of Colorado! I love running and I am passionate about giving back to the community. I’m a 4-time Boston Qualifier, and three of my four were BQs were at CIM. I’ve also competed in triathlons and I am a 3-time Ironman finisher.

I can be easily spotted at a race volunteering and cheering the athletes on to the finish. I love being part of the smaller races and even the bigger ones as well. I am very grateful to be part of the CIM Ambassador family.

Vanessa Wallace
Santa Rosa, CA

I am thrilled to be part of the CIM ambassador team again! I’ve proudly gone from being too heavy and out of shape to walk a set of stairs to becoming a marathon and ultramarathon runner who loves to celebrate and motivate new marathon runners and back of the packers! I love setting big goals and dreaming big and crushing some awesome runs. #vanessagoesfromfattofit

Lindsay Winton 
Albuquerque, NM

I started running when my oldest daughter left the house as a way to keep myself busy. My goal was a half marathon by my 40th birthday. With the encouragement of my friend, I “found my feet” and had run that half plus two fulls by that big day. Since then I have kept at it, and tried to encourage others along the way to start on their own journey.

Elisa Polino
Rialto, CA

I love running because it has introduced me to many people and places. Most importantly, it has shown me what I am capable of on and off the roads. Through running, I have been able to conquer so much mentally and physically, from 5k to marathons, to running through the blazing hot desert.