Sacramento Running Association Youth Programs

Education through fitness designed to enhance each child’s quality of life.
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The SRA has offered a youth fitness program since 1988 and has since introduced more than 100,000 youngsters to the sport of running.

SRA Kids school program opportunities currently include the STRIDE Program and the Spring Olympic Days where over 23,000 kids participate annually. SRA Kids also supports several local before-school and after-school running programs including Runnin’ for Rhett and Girls on the Run.

STRIDE Program

Sac City Tracks Running to Improve Daily Education
Launched in 2018, STRIDE is a sustainable partnership between the Sacramento Unified School District and the Sacramento Running Association for a district-wide initiative to expose students to a healthy lifestyle through running.

The aim of the partnership is to integrate running/movement into the weekly elementary school schedule, the fall athletics middle school program and the high school senior project opportunity.

Participation in running programs promotes an active lifestyle, teaches kids to set goals while working to achieve them, and helps to develop their self-confidence. STRIDE emphasizes participation and health education as we strive to create an environment where our community’s kids make the connection between fitness and fun.


The Sacramento Running Association recognizes the challenges our educators are facing during this most difficult time (COVID-19) and appreciate all they are doing to meet the academic, social and emotional needs of our student-athletes. We were saddened when realizing the impact the school closures and distance learning had on many of their physical needs. In an effort to allow student-athletes to continue their weekly STRIDE opportunities, we have created a weekly movement and running program that can be implemented by our student-athletes at any point from their home.

Spring Olympic Days

In 2010, the SRA established its Spring Track Youth Fitness Program. The program consisted of a series of free informal track meets for Sacramento elementary school children in grades 3 through 6. In 2018-19, the SRA expanded the Spring Track Youth Fitness Program and launched the Spring Olympic Days as part of the STRIDE partnership with Sacramento Unified School District.

The Spring Olympic Days is a celebration for all SCUSD 6th graders held at their assigned STRIDE network high school. Students are run through a comprehensive one-day track meet and exposed to a variety of track and field events.

Other School Running Programs

In 2017, the SRA partnered with the premier youth fitness program in Sacramento – Runnin’ for Rhett. The partnership between the Sacramento Running Association and Runnin’ for Rhett features a fall training program specifically designed to train kids to run the CIM’s maraFUNrun 5k held during marathon weekend. The partnership will also encompass the entire school year as participating programs are encouraged to train from August to June as fitness doesn’t stop in December!

Additional SRA Youth Running Opportunities

Additionally, the SRA conducts a Fall Youth XC series to provide competitive opportunities for local youth runners, 8th grade and under, and holds youth races in conjunction with all of its road races so Sacramento kids can experience the joy of race day. All of these races are held in the spirit of fitness and fun!