CIM Security Information

Starting in 2018 the CIM Public Safety Committee, which consists of race staff alongside representatives from ten local public safety organizations and agencies, has implemented new security procedures requiring all Finish Festival attendees to pass through one of eleven designated security checkpoints. For a map that includes all eleven of those locations, click here.

Security Checkpoint Procedures:

  • All Finish Festival entrants must pass through a Finish Area Security Checkpoint
  • Any Finish Festival entrant without a bag or visible prohibited (see below for list) or suspicious item may pass through the Security Checkpoint without pause
  • All bags are subject to search at the Security Checkpoint
    • Any Finish Festival entrant with a small “clutch” (8.5” x 5.5” or smaller) that does not appear to contain any suspicious or prohibited items may pass through Security Checkpoint without pause at Security Checkpoint staff’s discretion
    • Any Finish Festival entrant with a clear, plastic, vinyl or PVC bag that is no larger than 12 inches long, 6 inches wide and 12 inches high and that does not appear to contain any suspicious or prohibited items may pass through Security Checkpoint without pause at Security Checkpoint staff’s discretion
  • All Finish Festival entrants with bags not meeting the above criteria will have their bags searched
  • Bag Check Protocol:
    • Bag Check Staff shall ask ask the Finish Festival entrant to open the main compartment and any other large (larger than 8.5” x 5.5”) compartments
    • If not all items are visible, the Bag Check Volunteer may ask the Finish Festival entrant to move the contents of the bag or, if necessary, insert their gloved hand into the bag and move items therein as necessary to gain a visual on all items
    • If a prohibited item is detected, the Bag Check Volunteer shall ask if the Finish Festival entrant wants to:
      • Return to their car/hotel room/house with the item and then return without it
      • Or surrender the item and enter the Finish Festival
    • If the Bag Check Staff encounters a suspicious item (see below for partial list of suspicious items), law enforcement may be called
  • California Highway Patrol and the Sacramento Police Department will be monitoring Security Checkpoints for any attempt by a Finish Festival entrant to skip a Security Checkpoint (hop the fence, create an unsanctioned opening, run through the Security Checkpoint with a bag or other prohibited or suspicious item, etc) and anyone undertaking one of these attempts may be subject to arrest


Security Checkpoint Locations:

  • Capitol Grounds (northwest quadrant, north of reunion tents)
  • 10th St & L St (southeast corner)
  • 9th St (between L St and Capitol Mall, in street)
  • 8th St (between L St and Capitol Mall, east sidewalk)
  • 8th St (between L St and Capitol Mall, west sidewalk)
  • Capitol Mall (between 7th St & 8th St, north sidewalk)
  • 8th St & Capitol Mall (southwest corner)
  • 8th St & Capitol Mall (southwest corner)
  • 9th St & N St (immediately north of intersection, in street)
  • 10th St & N St (immediately north of intersection, in street)
  • Capitol Grounds (southwest quadrant, east of Gear Check)


List of Suspicious and Prohibited Items:

  • The list of prohibited items is:
    • Firearms
    • Explosives
    • Knives with blades longer than 3.5”
    • Drugs and alcohol
    • Signs larger than 30″ x 30″
    • Signs on stakes
    • Amplified sound devices (speakers, megaphones, etc)
    • No pets allowed service animals only
  • Suspicious items may include, but are not limited to:
    • a large roll of wire
    • a large quantity of batteries
    • a screwdriver
    • an alarm clock
    • an odd smelling item


Gear Check:

  • Gear bags will be clear. The clear bag you receive at packet pick-up is the only bag acceptable to check on race day into the gear trucks at the start. Other bags will NOT be accepted.
  • To identify your bag, write your bib number with a marker in the colored box printed on the clear bag. Do NOT place anything of value in your bag, especially car keys or cell phones. The SRA is not responsible for lost items.
  • Relay bags will be sniffed by law enforcement K-9 units. Suspicious, prohibited, illegal, or dangerous items are subject to seizure.
  • At the finish line, claim your bag, located past 10th St. to the right of the State Capitol steps.


Course Security:

  • No unofficial runners are allowed on the course. No unofficial assistance of any kind may be provided to entrants. This includes pacing by a coach, friend or family member, even if this person is officially entered. The only pacers on the course are the official CIM Pace Team leaders.
  • The SRA reserves the right to disqualify any athlete whose support personnel interferes with another athlete, race operations, or does not follow the instructions of a race official.
  • The bib number must be clearly visible at all times, may not be altered in any way, and must be displayed on the front of the runner.
  • No early starters and no late starters! The starting area closes 15 minutes after the starting gun is fired, so do not be late for the start. The course starting area is monitored by the race personnel for illegal early and late starters.
  • No bicycles, unicycles, tricycles, inline skates, blades, skateboards, or strollers! The only wheeled vehicles allowed on the course are those of the wheelchair competitors and CIM officials.
  • Hand crank bicycles are not allowed at the CIM and there is no official hand crank division. If you are a disabled athlete who would like to participate in a hand crank bicycle, you may request an accommodation through USA Track & Field’s ADA Accommodations Request process. (Please note: Evaluation of this request may take 4-6 weeks.)
  • No animals are permitted in the event.
  • Prize money winners, Invited Elite Athletes, and athletes competing in the Pacific Association USATF Road Grand Prix are not allowed to wear electronic listening devices. For other runners, the use of headphones is strongly discouraged, and if directed by a race official to cease such use, the entrant must comply promptly.
  • Follow all directions from race officials and public safety personnel, including directions to stop, walk, change course (including off the pre-announced course), and remove headphones. Failure to follow these directions is a hazard to your and other participants’ safety and may result in disqualification.