Marathon Registration

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The California International Marathon is proud to announce new Marathon Registration Pricing Tiers!

CIM 2024 will offer different registration solution options for each of the new pricing tiers. There will be a limited amount of entries in each registration tier. All marathon registration tiers are open until a tier sells out. Register now to secure the registration option that is best for you.

Please review the table below for a breakdown of the three marathon registration tiers and the registration solution options associated with each.

Marathon Gold Entry (Premium)

Run or Transfer in 2024 or Run in 2025

  • Entry to the 2024 marathon 
  • Transferable to the to the 2024 Relay (Must be decided before November 18th)
  • Transferable to another marathon runner looking to join the 2024 marathon (Must decide by November 18th)
  • Deferrable to the 2025 marathon.
  • Non-Refundable


  • Marathon Blue Entries Percentage Filled 100% 100%
  • Marathon Orange Entries Percentage Filled 100% 100%
  • Marathon Gold Entries Percentage Filled 80% 80%

Pricing includes ALL fees.

***Note: Due to course limitations we ask that you respect our six hour marathon time cut-off. Race organizers can not guarantee runner services after the 6 hour mark. This includes: course support, fluids, nutrition, official finisher items such as the finisher medal, or official results.***

Marathon Blue Entry (Economy) $180 -SOLD OUT

This base-level marathon entry provides the lowest price to secure a spot in the 2024 Marathon. The Marathon Blue entry is non-transferable, non-deferrable, non-refundable.  You must run the marathon in 2024, there is no registration solution option available if you are unable to run.

Marathon Orange Entry (Standard) $200 -SOLD OUT

The marathon Orange entry is the mid-priced option for the 2024 marathon. If you end up unable to run the marathon distance, the preferred marathon entry will allow you to transfer down to the relay distance or allow you to transfer your marathon bib to another marathon runner looking for a bib. The Marathon Orange entry is non-deferrable and non-refundable.  You must run or transfer in 2024.

Marathon Gold Entry (Premium) $230

The Marathon Gold Entry provides the most security and value in your marathon registration. If you are unable to run the 2024 marathon, this premium race entry will allow you to transfer your bib to the 2024 relay distance or transfer your 2024 marathon bib to another runner, OR defer your marathon entry to the 2025 CIM.  The Marathon Gold Entry is non-refundable, but it DOES allow you to either run, transfer, or defer.

Marathon Late Entries (supporting charity) $375

CIM’s Marathon Late Entries that benefit local charities will be offered after the marathon sells out of all 3 registration tiers. Late Entries will have the same registration solution options at the Marathon Gold entry tier, as they will be transferable or deferrable.

Pricing includes all fees.

Registration Transfers

Blue Entry:  The Blue Entry level is not eligible for any form of transfer.  

 Orange Entry and Gold Entry: The Orange and Gold Entry levels have two options for transfer.

  •  Transfer from the Full Marathon to the 2024 In-Shape Family Fitness CIM Relay. If you are currently registered for the marathon but would prefer to transfer to the 2-person relay, you can do so from your Race Roster account. This option will only be available until November 18th. Here is how it works:
    • Visit the CIM Race Roster page in the Spring, once the relay opens for registration 
    • Click the blue ‘Transfer’ button and log into your account
    • Click ‘Transfer to a new event’
    • Select the sub-event ‘team captain’ to create a new team.
    • Be sure to complete the transaction
  • Transfer your Full Marathon entry to another runner. If you are currently registered for the full marathon but would like to transfer your entry to another runner you will have the option to do so during the transfer window October 1 – November 18. Here is how it works: 
    •  Visit the CIM Race Roster page
    • Click the blue ‘Transfer’ button and log into your account
    • Click ‘Transfer to a New Registrant’
    • Enter the new runner’s email address
      • The new runner will receive an email with an invitation to complete the transfer
      • The new runner will pay $220 ($180 entry fee plus the $40 transfer fee) for the ability to register with a transferred entry.  
      • The new runner will automatically be assigned a Blue Entry
      • The new runner will not have the ability to transfer the entry again
      • The new runner will not have the option to transfer to the relay, even if relay registration is still open
      • The original runner will receive a refund of their entry fee
Registration Deferrals

Orange & Blue Entry: The Blue & Orange Entry levels are not eligible for deferrals. 

Gold Entry: Gold Level Entries have the option to defer to the 2025 marathon.

  • If you are registered under the Gold Level Entry and would like to defer to the 2025 marathon, do not pick up your marathon bib at the expo on December 6th or 7th. Gold Level Entries do not need to notify us when they plan to defer. Any Gold Level Entry holders who do not pick up their bib at the CIM Expo will automatically be sent a deferral code for a Blue Entry to the 2025 marathon by the end of December. 
    • You must redeem your deferral code by July 1, 2025 to be registered to run in the 2025 race.
    • The Gold entry only allows you to choose one of the three race resolution options — Run, Transfer, OR Defer. You can not defer to the 2025 race and then transfer to another runner or distance.
    • Once you pick up your marathon bib at the expo, you will no longer be eligible to defer your entry to the following year.
VIP Program

Get the CIM VIP Experience:

If you purchased a VIP package with your 2020 CIM registration, your VIP status is attached to your voucher code. There is no need to reregister for VIP when registering for the marathon as your VIP purchase will roll over to your next registration.

2020 information below, 2021 information coming soon…

This $290 add-on is in addition to your CIM registration and includes:


  • Private VIP pre-race pasta dinner at Hyatt Regency
  • Special room block rates available for a limited number of VIPs – First come first serve
  • VIP Concierge service to handle all of your race weekend needs

Entry into the Capitol Challenge

  • Capitol Challenge – Run both the Capitol 5k and the California International Marathon. Earn 3 medals over CIM weekend: 5k medal (available at 5k finish), CIM medal (available at marathon finish), and Capitol Challenge medal (available at challenge tent in marathon finish festival)

Packet Pick-up:

  • VIP packet pick-up area
  • Premium merchandise item and goody bag
  • Custom bib (Must sign up by Nov 1)

Race morning:

  • Luxury charter bus to start line
  • Private warming tent with food & private bathrooms at start line
  • Premium gear check service


  • VIP post-race brunch in Sutter Club
  • Premium gear check service

Charity Entries

2020 Charity information coming soon…

Refund Policy
The California International Marathon and In-Shape Family Fitness CIM Relay will NOT provide refunds to registrants for ANY reason.

Race organizers will NOT provide refunds for ANY  personal conditions or circumstances that may prevent, limit, or hinder a registrant from preparing for, traveling to, or participating in CIM (including, but not limited to, injuries, illness, travel delays, family emergencies, etc.). We do NOT provide any refunds for registrants that are unable to participate. If you register and are unable to participate, for ANY reason, NO refund will be granted.

Other registration solutions, such as transfers and deferrals are dependent on the type of registration purchased.  Make sure you are aware of all of the registration solution options associated with your registration type and all of the restrictions, policies, and deadlines associated with those different options.

All registrants should also consider that certain event details are subject to change, and refunds will NOT be provided due to changes in the event details/amenities/services offered, including but not limited to: spectator presence, start time and procedures, event transportation, on-course services, pace teams, gear check, and pre and post-race amenities and experiences.

Race organizers, in conjunction with public safety officials, reserve the right to cancel the event at any time related to ensuring the safety of participants, spectators, and the community. In the event of a race cancellation, refunds, credits, or deferrals are NOT guaranteed to participants; however, race organizers will consider the cancellation circumstances and may provide participants with some registration compensation options.