If you have not already done so, please check out our history page and peruse highlights and fun facts about CIM's rich history.  

Schedule of Upcoming #road2CIM Events:

  • Oct 30: Transfer window opens
  • Nov 1-Nov 17: Participant Transportation Survey (busing)
  • Nov 5: Run the Parkway - Official CIM Training Run
  • Nov 6: Last day to guarantee shirt size for transfers
  • Nov 20: Last day to complete marathon bib transfers
  • Dec 1: CIM Expo opens at SAFE Credit Union Convention Center
  • Dec 2: Official CIM Shakeout Run hosted by Bare Performance Nutrition
  • Dec 3: Race Day!

New important dates will be listed in future newsletters so please stay tuned.

Although we do not offer refunds or deferrals if you are unable to participate; you do have the option of transferring you entry to someone else.

Reminder: The transfer window will open on October 30. During this period, participants have the opportunity to transfer their marathon entry to another interested runner. To facilitate these transfers, we've created a dedicated Facebook group where runners can connect for these purposes. Additional information can be found here, and more details will also be included in upcoming newsletters.

Please note:  If you are thinking of transferring your marathon entry to the relay, the relay is on track to sell out this week.  Once the relay sells out, you will no longer have this transfer option.  If you intend to transfer to the relay, do so immediately here.

Road to CIM - 
Whether you’re training to run your first marathon, your fastest marathon or planning to go out for a 26.2 fun run this December, visit our CIM University page for all your training information needs.

Watch our CIM University video series to learn: 

Links to all podcasts and videos can be found on our CIM University page.

Coming Soon:

Get ready for a series of partner podcasts beginning in October featuring Tina Muir, host of Running for Real and co-author of Becoming a Sustainable Runner; and Matt Chittim, host of the Rambling Runner. Episodes will discuss topics such as CIM basics (how to train for and run the course), keeping a healthy relationship with running during a training cycle and in life, becoming an environmentally sustainable runner and more. 

And the winner is...  
Thank you to everyone who voted.  Your 2023 on-course GU flavors are Salted Lime, Salted Caramel and Raspberry Lemonade!

These will be featured at our 4 on-course fueling stations.  You can find all CIM Course Nutrition and Hydration information on our course page.

There will be 17 Hydration Stations along the marathon route. Each will feature water and nuun Lemon-Lime Endurance Drink.  You can find more information about our Hydration Stations including the mile marks and items available at each station on our course page.

Celebrate 40 years of the California Internation Marathon with the 40 in 40 Challenge in the ASICS Runkeeper app. Get ready by downloading the app today.

P.S. This Challenge comes with a chance to win!  Stay tuned for more information.

Looking for Community Groups

Do you have friends or family members connected to community groups, charities, or sport teams who are looking for service and/or fundraising opportunities?  We are still recruiting volunteer groups for CIM in all areas.  More information can be found here

Registration is still open!

Run the Parkway - Nov. 5

The Official Training Run for CIM is the best way to get "CIM-ready".  20-mile and half marathon distances available. Register here!

CIM 2-Person Relay - Dec. 3 - Will likely sell out this week!

Registration is currently open for the 2023 CIM 2-Person Relay.  There are limited spots so this event will sell out before race weekend. Tell your friends and family to register soon if they intend to race!

Information To Come

Upcoming newsletters will have more detailed information regarding: 

  • Getting to the Start Line Updates (busing)
  • Spectator Updates
  • Course Updates

Need More Information?

If you have a question that is not answered here, in the newsletter, you can visit the CIM website or email us at info@runsra.org.  However, stay tuned as your question may be covered in upcoming newsletters.

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