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Join us at Fleet Feet Sacramento the 2nd Tuesday of each month (Aug, Sept, Oct & Nov) during CIM training to learn more about these great topics: Training for your first or fastest marathon, fueling and hydration, managing the aches and pains of marathon training and perfecting the taper and final CIM details.

These seminars will give you great insight into the course, how to prepare your body and mind, help with nagging pains, learning the basics of marathon training and lots more!

Past CIM University’s

Training for your First or Fastest Marathon – Video Recap

August CIM University — August, 2016 — (Training) — Learn about the Official CIM Training Program

Meet the Coaches

Meet our CIM training program coaches and expert panel. They will get you to the starting line ready, and make sure you know what it takes to reach the finish line.

Can I use races as my marathon training long runs?

Is using a race in place, or in addition to, a long run a good idea? Our panel of experts has the answer.

Do I need to do speed work?

Speed work hurts! Do I need to do it during my marathon build up? Our experts will explain why and when to do speed work.

How fast can I increase my run mileage?

How much can I increase my run mileage as I ramp up for my marathon? Avoiding injury and excessive fatigue is key; but how much is too much? Our panel of experts will let you know.

How do I improve at pacing?

Proper pacing will ensure that you will finish your marathon healthy and happy; but how do you learn to pace yourself? Our panel of experts will tell you how.

How fast should I run my long run?

We all want to run fast; but how fast is too fast for your marathon training long run? Our panel of experts will let you know.

How long will my long runs get?

Miles upon miles of marathon training. What do I need to prepare for in the way of long run mileage? Our panel of experts will let you know.

Should I run a race as marathon simulation?

Racing is a great way to experience and experiment with actual race day strategies and logistics, but should you race in place of your long runs?

Why do I have to do weekly long runs?

Those weekly long runs are ominous! Our panel of experts lets you know why you need to do them.

Why is my long run pace so slow?

If you are doing it right… your long run pace should feel slow and easy. Our panel of experts explain why.

Why is pacing important?

What is this “pacing” thing everyone is talking about? and why is it important?

Why Run with a Group?

Sure, you could go at it alone… but knowing why you shouldn’t could make all the difference in the world. Our panel of experts explain the advantages.

Will I be able to handle the training volume?

If this is your first marathon you might be wondering if your body can handle the workload and mileage needed to complete a marathon. Our panel of experts help explain the progression.

Training for your First or Fastest Marathon – Video Recap

September CIM University — September 13, 2016 — (Training) — Getting to the Starting Line Healthy and Strong

  • Dan MacLean, MPT, CSCS, USAW, FMS: Results Physical Therapy & Training Center
  • Leslie Humes, PTA: Results Physical Therapy & Training Center
  • Charlie Brenneman: CIM Training Coach, SRA Elite Head Coach and top Sacramento finisher at the 2015 Boston Marathon.

Getting to the Start Line Healthy

Fueling For Your Best Marathon