In-Shape Famillt Fitness CIM Relay Transportation:

Relay Leg 1 (CIM Start Line: 7550 Folsom-Auburn Rd, Folsom)

  • Relay runners should follow the same protocol as marathon runners for getting to the start.
  • Bus transportation from relay exchange zone (end of leg 1) is available for all relay runners to the marathon finish area at the State Capitol.

Relay Leg 2 (Relay Exchange #2: 4010 Manzanita Avenue, Carmichael)

  • Do not take the bus to the marathon start!
  • Relay Leg 2 runners can take relay buses or may have someone drop them off at the relay exchange zone.
  • Bus transportation to the Relay Exchange Zone will ONLY be available from Pick-Up Location A (behind the Sacramento Convention Center on K Street between 13th and 14th).
  • Relay Leg 2 Buses leave Location A at 7:00 a.m. (Do NOT to take earlier busses as they will go to the Marathon start)
  • There are NO return buses that transport runners back to the start of leg 2 from the finish area after the race

Note: There is no relay gear check at either the Start Line or at the Relay Exchange Zone. Any items discarded at the Start or the Relay Exchange Zone will be collected and donated. No items will be transported to the finish for participants. If participants would like personal items at the finish line after the race, they can utilize the FINISH AREA GEAR CHECK