Project 26.20 Manual Mileage Upload

After you’ve registered for Project 26.20, please allow 2 hours before submitting your first activity. This is a one time delay to make sure you’re all linked up to the leaderboard. It’s a great time to go for your first run or walk! After this one time gap your submitted entry should appear on the leaderboard within a few minutes.

How to Upload Your Activity

  • Visit PWR Lab’s new {manual entry form}
  • Sign-in with the email address you registered with and your BIB #. 
  • Need to find your BIB #? You can look it up here.
  • Click the “+ New Activity” button
  • Add Activity Date, Duration & Time. Repeat as necessary.
  • Results should still appear within 5 minutes of submission.

Looking to sync your Device? Click here.