Project 26.20 GPS Sync

Track Your Mileage with PWR Lab
With PWR Lab you can connect your Garmin, Suunto, COROS or Polar device to seamlessly get your mileage synced to our challenge leaderboards for the entirety of this challenge (no purchase necessary). PWR Lab is an innovative Silicon Valley based digital platform where big data and sport science converge, helping runners of any level to predict risk, prevent injury, and perform optimally. 

For the best experience connecting your device and your mileage linking to the leaderboard please follow this order:

  1. Register for Project 26.20
  2. Signup for PWR Lab Account using the same email address as your Progect 26.20 registration
  3. Connect your Device
  4. Go for your run

If you don’t do it in that order your miles may not connect to the leaderboard.

To sync GPS Device to Leaderboard

Only activities starting from the date of your registration will be logged. So, if you registered on Oct 15, your journey starts on Oct 15.

Your device connection with PWR Lab will track your mileage for the entirety of the challenge and once connected you will not need to login to the PWR Lab app for your mileage to appear on our leaderboards. In addition to syncing your supported device, all Project 26.20 participants will receive a 30-day free trial to their robust platform to help you reach your goals; no purchase is necessary and payment info is not required.