Project 26.20 FAQ’s

Questions about uploading mileage:

How do my results reach the leaderboard?

Two options – you can use either, or mix both:

  1. Automatic sync through PWR Lab (“verified”), using GPS device
  2. Manual submission of your results (honor system), no GPS needed
Do I need a GPS device to participate?

No! We have partnered with PWR Lab to provide automated tracking through compatible devices OR the ability to manually enter your results and track your progress.

How do I sync a device with PWR Lab?

Establish a one-time link, and all syncing is automatic after that. PWR Lab will guide you through the process of linking a compatible device during initial sign-up. You can also reference this article for help in linking a device.

What devices & services are compatible for auto-syncing with the event?

PWR Lab is currently compatible with Garmin, Suunto, Polar, and COROS. Apple Watch is not yet compatible (more info below). We recommend that Suunto users sync to Suunto App rather than Movescount.

Uploading FIT files, GPX files, screenshots, etc. is not supported in order to get Verified results. Strava is not compatible.

PRO TIP: If you do not have a supported GPS device, but carry a phone while you run, you can download the free Suunto App and use the app’s GPS activity recorder to sync with PWR Lab.

What about my Apple Watch?

Apple Watch is not currently compatible, but PWR Lab is hard at work getting it integrated. In the meantime, it is possible to sign-up for Run Gap, and send Apple Watch data –> Run Gap –> Suunto App or Garmin Connect –> PWR Lab. Not for the faint of heart!

I signed up after the event started, which results can be counted?

Whether you are using automatic results or manual entries, only activities on or after the date you registered will count. Think about your time of registration as the time you cross the starting line: anything recorded before that cannot be counted, as you were not participating yet!

What does the green Verified badge next to my name mean?

The green Verified badge is reserved for participants who have uploaded 100% Verified data through PWR Lab.

Uploading FIT files, GPX files, screenshots, etc. is not supported in order to get Verified results.

Why isn’t my activity appearing on the leaderboard after I recorded it?

Check to make sure that:

  1. You synced your device to the app/service (eg Garmin Connect). PWR Lab does not sync directly to your watch, but receives activity data from services like Garmin & Suunto after you sync to them.
  2. You have waited a few minutes (up to 15) for Garmin/Suunto/etc to send the activity to PWR Lab, and for PWR Lab to process it for the leaderboard after syncing your device. (Suunto users: Movescount is really slow. Use Suunto App)
  3. You have refreshed the leaderboard page to load the newest data
  4. The activity was recorded as a running activity, and not any other type (walking, biking, etc). Changing an activity to running after the fact will not allow the activity to sync.
  5. The activity was recorded after you registered for the event. Think about your time of registration as the time you cross the starting line: anything recorded before that cannot be counted with Verified results.
  6. You did not unlink your device from your PWR Lab account (you can see this on the Profile page, even if your free trial has expired).
What activity types will count for auto-sync? Walking, hiking, cardio, steps?

Only activities recorded specifically as a “running” (or “trail running”) activity will be imported, analyzed, and verified for the leaderboard. If you want to include walks, hikes, steps, or anything else you can either record them as runs, or use the manual upload to account for that mileage.

What about treadmill runs?

When in doubt, you can always upload treadmill results using manual entry, but some watches also support Treadmill modes that are compatible with PWR Lab:

Many newer GPS watches have the option to “Calibrate Distance” after completing a treadmill run. On a Garmin, record the activity specifically as a treadmill run. After stopping the watch – but before saving the activity – scroll down to “Calibrate and Save”, and enter the total distance displayed on the treadmill.

If you record the run and save it without calibrating / adjusting the distance, then it is likely to be very inaccurate. Also note that if you run on a treadmill without selecting a specific treadmill mode, then the distance calculated using GPS will be very small (close to 0), because you’re not moving away from the treadmill.

Note that adjusting the distance in Garmin Connect after you have saved & submitted the activity will not change the data that is sent to PWR Lab or the leaderboard. Resources: Garmin Article, YouTube Video

How do I select which "verified" runs count?

By default, we take your fastest valid activities for each segment distance. You can manually exclude activities and make sure they don’t count toward the event results: log in to the Results & Profile tool, go to Activities, and choose which to exclude.

How do I submit/view/edit results manually?

Log in to the Results & Profile tool for the event using your registration email & bib number.

Where do I find my bib number?

Use this link to obtain your bib information.

How do I earn a segment for the leaderboard?

Once you upload a run (either manually or through GPS sync), PWR Lab will add the run to your listing on the leaderboard if it meets the parameters of one of the segments. Any run within .25 miles under and up to .75 miles over a segment distance will be recognized for the segment distance. If the run falls within that window, you will be given the standard segment distance. Your leaderboard will always default to your fastest run by pace for a given segment

Questions about swag and prizes:

How are the special segment prize winners and grand prize winners selected?

You are only eligible for the special segment prizes and the grand prizes if you upload your runs via GPS-verified process on PWR Lab.  

From the participants that upload verified data, we will randomly choose prize winners for each segment as they are featured (for segment feature schedule click here).  We will select prize winners each Monday following each training weekend.  Participants will need to have completed that particular featured segment by the time we choose the prize winners on Monday.  You do not need to have completed the featured segment that specific weekend, just at some point since you began the challenge.

For the Grand Prize winners, we will select only from those participants that have verified data for all 8 segments and the full 26.2 distance at the completion of the entire challenge.

We will notify all award winners via email and post their names on the website here.

How and when will I get my swag?

All of your swag will be shipped directly to the address you used for registration.  All items will be shipped as finisher gifts at the conclusion of the event.  They should arrive in late December.

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, we are unable to ship internationally, so participants with international addresses will only be able to participate through the “amenity free” option.

Are there gender awards, age-group awards, or other performance awards?

Although there is a leaderboard that allows you to filter and see how you stack up against people in different demographics, this is intended to be a challenge for fun to keep you inspired and connected on your road to get 26.2 out of 2020.  We do not have any performance-focused awards in conjunction with the leaderboard standings.

The special prizes for each segment and the grand prizes are awarded by random selection for people with qualified results.

Questions about PWR Lab:

What is PWR Lab’s free trial & app all about?

PWR Lab is a running analytics company created to help runners avoid training injuries by connecting big data with sport science. The platform helps runners of any level predict risk, prevent injury, and perform optimally.

You’re eligible to redeem a free trial to the platform – no credit card info needed, no obligation, no risk – which begins when you create your account. 

There is zero obligation to use the app, purchase anything, or subscribe to continue participating in the challenge. Your data continues even if your trial expires. We hope you will find PWR Lab to be a wealth of information and guidance in preparing for, participating in, and remaining healthy beyond this event!

What email address should I use to sign up for PWR Lab?

Ideally: use the same email address you used to register for the event. PWR Lab will automatically send your data to your bib number on the leaderboard.

If you used different email addresses:

  1. Log in to the Event Results & Profile tool using your registration email and bib number
  2. Navigate to Account

Link your PWR Lab account to your bib number (will need PWR Lab email + password)”

What happens when my PWR Lab trial expires if I don’t want to subscribe?

If your free access PWR Lab expires, your participation in the event is NOT impacted! Your GPS data will continue to automatically upload to the leaderboard, even if you choose not to subscribe to PWR Lab. There’s absolutely no obligation.

Other Questions:

Does this challenge count towards our CIM Loyal Runner status?

Although this event is built for 2020 CIM registrants to still get 26.2 out of 2020, it is not connected to CIM in any way.  It is a separate event registration that is not connected to your CIM status in any way. It is a separate event registration, and it has no bearing on your 2020 cancellation voucher or your CIM Loyal Runner tally.

Is this a certified event that I can use as a qualifier for Boston Marathon or other events?

No, this is a virtual event and even GPS verified results are not official and able to be used as official times to qualify for other events.

If you happen to run in another officially certified event that you want to use to fulfill any segment of this challenge, you are certainly welcome to do so, but it is the result of THAT event that is certifiable as an official result, not the one uploaded on the Project 2620 event.

Still have questions/need to contact us?

If your questions are not answered here, feel free to email us or call us at (916) 737-2627.