Awards & Elite Information

California International Marathon CIM Elite Award Ceremony

To be considered for the 2018 USATF Marathon Championship field, CIM Sub-Elite field, or Seeded Start field, please complete this application no later than August 27th. The application process is closed for 2018.

USATF Marathon Championship Time Standards

Women: sub 2:46 marathon or sub 1:18 half marathon

Men: sub 2:22 marathon or sub 1:07 half marathon

The CIM Seeded Start field is available to athletes who have not met the above standards, but who have hit the following time standards: Women sub 2:55 marathon/sub 1:22 half, Men sub 2:30 marathon/sub 1:10 half.

Time standards should have been reached in the past 2 years.

For additional information email Danielle Domenichelli at

CIM USATF Marathon Championship Prize Purse
Place Men Women
1st $20,000 $20,000
2nd $12,500 $12,500
3rd $9,000 $9,000
4th $6,500 $6,500
5th $5,000 $5,000
6th $4,000 $4,000
7th $3,000 $3,000
8th $2,000 $2,000
9th $1,000 $1,000
10th $500 $500

Athletes must be US Citizens currently representing the United States in international competition and have a valid USATF membership to be eligible for the above prize purse.

Performance Bonuses (athletes only able to earn ONE performance bonus):
  • American Record: $10,000 (available to one athlete per gender)
  • Course Record: $5,000 (available to one athlete per gender)
  • Olympic Trials A Standard: $1500 (available to all athletes that reach standard)
  • Olympic Trials B Standard: $500 (available to all athletes that reach standard)
Bib Guarantee Bonuses:

Field seeded and bib numbers assigned 7 days prior to race Bib number guarantees to top-10 bib numbers in descending order.

Bib (M) Guarantee Bib (W) Guarantee
#1 $1,000 #1 $1,000
#2 $900 #2 $900
#3 $800 #3 $800
#4 $700 #4 $700
#5 $600 #5 $600
#6 $500 #6 $500
#7 $400 #7 $400
#8 $300 #8 $300
#9 $200 #9 $200
#10 $100 #10 $100
#11 and up $0 #11 and up $0

Runner must finish race to receive guarantee

Bib Displacement Bonuses:

$100 bonus for every bib number displaced by an athlete (eg: if athlete wearing bib #7 finishes in 4th place, they will receive $300 bonus). Athlete can only receive displacement bonuses by finishing in the top-10. Bibs #11 and up all start will the value of 11

Prize Money & Bonuses Notes:
  • Athletes must be accepted into the National Championship field or CIM Sub-Elite field prior to December 1st to be eligible for any prize money or bonuses.
  • All CIM prize money will be determined by gun (official) time.
  • To be eligible for prize money and bonuses, athletes must never have tested positive for performance enhancing drugs
  • Athletes must be US Citizens currently representing the United States in international competition to be eligible for the Marathon Championship prize purse and Olympic Trials qualifying bonus.
CIM Course Description
  • Point-to-point course
  • Net-downhill with minimal turns
  • Rolling hills for first 21 miles, flat & fast last 5 miles
  • USATF certified and sanctioned
  • Not AIMS eligible (net drop greater than 1m/km)
  • Course preview link
CIM Awards Ceremony

An awards ceremony will be held at the CIM finish line to honor the top 10 men and women. The award ceremony will be held at approximately 11:00am on the stage at 10th St & Capitol Mall.

Code of Ethics Statement:

In order to apply for elite entry and race for prize money at the CIM, athletes should have a clean drug test record. The CIM will immediately disqualify any athlete that tests positive for using performance enhancing drugs. Prize money and incentive bonuses will not be awarded to athletes that test positive for performance enhancing drugs. Athletes returning from a drug suspension will not be recruited, and they will not be offered food, lodging, or travel assistance to the California International Marathon or any other Sacramento Running Association events.

Pacific Association/USATF Athletes

The 2018 CIM is the Pacific Association/USATF Marathon Championship for all age divisions. Athletes on the 2018 Comp List can email for entry instructions. Athletes must have a valid PA-USATF membership on race day to be eligible for the below listed PA-USATF prize purse.


PA-USATF Prize Money

The awarding of all PA-USATF prize money will be determined according to Grand Prix rules and managed by PA-USATF.


Division Event Place Amount
Open Men/Women Individual 1 $250
2 $135
3 $50
Open Men/Women Team 1 $250
2 $135
3 $50
Master Men/Women Individual 1 $135
2 $55
Master Men/Women Teams 1 $135
2 $50
Senior Men/Women Individual 1 $50
Senior Men/Women Teams 1 $65
Super Senior Men/Women Individual 1 $25
Super Senior Men/Women Teams 1 $35
Veteran Men/Women Individual 1 $25