Are you passionate about running?
Do you enjoy attending events and meeting new people?
Become an ambasSRAdor!

2018 AmbasSRAdor Program

Are you passionate about the California International Marathon?
Do you enjoy meeting new people?
Become an AmbasSRAador!

AmbasSRAdor Benefits:

  • Complimentary ambasSRAdor apparel and swag
  • Complementary & discounted SRA race entries
  • Invites to ambaSRAdor social events
  • Opportunity to earn additional gifts based on involvement
  • Discounts on SRA and CIM online merchandise

What does an AmbasSRAdor do?
AmbasSRAdor’s help SRA make Sacramento a more vibrant running community!

AmbasSRAdor’s should be:

  • Passionate and active runners
  • Outgoing and friendly people
  • Able to make a one-year commitment to the Sacramento community

One-Year Commitment Includes:

  • Active on personal social media accounts
  • Ability to write a blog post on SRA page
  • Participation at all SRA major events
  • Volunteer at least 2 other SRA community events
  • Wearing your SRA/CIM apparel to events and races

The application process is currently closed.

2018 SRA AmbasSRAdors

Andrea Brietzke

Hey all! I am so excited to hit the ground running, literally, to help grow the amazing running community in Sacramento. You can find me running in what I call my backyard, the American River bike trails, and showing up for just about every local race or running club I can. When I’m not running I’m home cuddling with my cats and hubby while watching anything on Food Network or chilling with the mouse himself at Disneyland. Make sure to wave or say hello next time you see me out and about, I’m always up for meeting new running friends.

Janessa Reed

Hi everyone, my name is Janessa. I started running a couple of years ago as a means to lose weight after having kids. But three half marathons and two full marathons later, running has now become a lifestyle that has taught me that I am stronger and more capable than I ever imagined. Sacramento has so many great places to run and most weekends you can find me along the beautiful American River Parkway. Our local running community is amazing, and thanks to the support and encouragement that I have received from other runners, I have decided to set a goal for myself that I once thought was impossible…qualifying for the Boston Marathon! I feel so honored to have been chosen to help represent The Sacramento Running Association and I am looking forward to a fantastic 2018!

Elyse Garza

I grew up a small town girl from the Central Valley Sierra Nevadas and later graduated from Sonoma State University before moving to Sacramento for a change of scenery. Currently, I have a career as a Flight Attendant (that I love more than anything) and while I was fortunate to live in Las Vegas and then San Francisco for a while, I was so excited to re-establish myself back in Sacramento at the beginning of last year. THAT, is when my passion for running went to a whole other level. Sacramento’s community of runners is unlike any other. As cliche as that sounds, its the truth. At any given time of day you can be on the American River Parkway or downtown and witness runners in training mode or simply in their stress relieving element. For me, I started running as a way of physical fitness, but once I discovered what it not only did for my body, but my mind, heart, and sole — I was hooked!

Now, four years since I started my journey and ran my first race, it truly is a magical feeling to know that today, I’m even more in love with my run life than I could’ve ever imagined.

I am SO excited for the 2018 season and hope everyone else is also looking forward to running ALL the miles & having ALL the fun.

Michele Sage

Hi everyone! My name is Michele (Instagram: _sage_120) and I am a runner who is fueled by plants (and doughnuts)! Running has always had this magical way of making me feel at peace and it’s given me the opportunity to work through anything that is weighing on my mind, especially during a long run. After training for the Philadelphia Marathon in 2016, the journey of the training process allowed me to see just how capable I am and it has helped me appreciate my own strength (both mental and physical) and my ability to persevere. I’m so excited to be part of this running community and I’m looking forward to meeting other fellow runners who will continuously inspire me here in Sacramento!

Joanyett Mays-Scott

I am a registered nurse and I’ve been running since 2010 with the goal of controlling my anxiety and depression. My end goal is to raise awareness in the Sacramento community (and all communities) about the importance of mental health. What I love most about running in Sacramento is the wonderful people that I meet of all nationalities. Depression knows no boundaries. I hope to be an example to someone of someone who fights anxiety and depression daily and wins.

J.D. Formica

I started running for the same reason many others do, to get back into shape and drop some weight. I didn’t realize the mental benefits that came with it, but that is now the main reason I run. I have run a variety of distances since I began running almost 10 years ago, both road and trail, and completed my first marathon in 2016 (CIM). I’m proud to say that I just joined the Fleet Feet Racing team and I’m excited to see the growth this year will bring. My current goals are to continue increasing mileage, improve my speed and overall physical and mental fitness.

Amanda Ramirez

I actually got into running in the Fall of 2014 after a life changing break-up. On a whim, decided to run the 2014 Run To Feed The Hungry as a way to channel my current frustrations. Up to this point, I never played sports growing up and I didn’t get into sports until I was in my late 20s when I started to play roller derby. By 2017, I started running as many races as I could and even joined Fleet Feets Run Crew and the Sloppy Moose Running Club, which I bring my furry canine running partner in crime, Chorizo Sausage, with me! I love how accepting the Sac running community is of me, as I don’t look like the stereotypical “runner”! I am honored to be an ambassador for SRA, and to show people that runners come in all shapes and sizes and even us big girls can be runners, too. I am by no means the fastest runner, but I give every run 100% and always finish no matter what!

Liz Vaage

I never thought that what started with a race just to earn a Tiffany necklace 11 years ago would turn into a deep love of running and fitness. Since my first Nike Women’s Marathon in 2007, I have run 22 additional full marathons (including 8 CIMs – shout out to the loyal runner club!), and countless other races. Running brings me great joy, challenges me and has introduced me to some of the most motivating, supportive and positive people in my life. I am looking forward to adding some new friends to my running family and giving back to the community that has given me so much love through the years.

Stacy Baade

My name is Stacy Baade. I am a wife, mom, coffee shop owner, Ironman, and a kidney recipient. I started running after I received my donated kidney. My first goal was to complete CIM which I did a year after my transplant. Since then I’ve ran thousands of miles on our beautiful trails. The Sacramento running community is made up of some of the best people and I end up chatting with many of them during some of my training runs.

Ernesto Basa

My name is Ernesto. I am born and raised in the great city of Sacramento and very proud of it, thus #SacramentoProud, GO KINGS! I started my running journey in 2013 with Sacramento’s Run to feed the Hungry 10k run. I started running because I didn’t want to be overweight any more. Thanks to running, I went from 220 pounds to currently 190 pounds and still going! Sushi buffets and burritos are still life though!

Paricia Becklehimer

My name is Paricia but my friends call me Bee. I was born in Los Angeles & raised here in Sacramento. I work full time for a title company as well as an avid runner. When I’m not running I enjoy relaxing at home and catching up on my favorite Netflix shows or out eating delicious food at local mid/downtown restaurants with my friends. Everything in life became so much clearer when I started running, it’s more than just a hobby it’s truly a lifestyle. Running has changed my life for the better & has molded me into the person I’ve always wanted to be, strong as heck! I never knew what passion really meant until I found running and the running community!

2018 CIM Ambassador Program

Are you passionate about the California International Marathon?

Do you enjoy meeting new people?

Become a CIM Ambassador!

2018 CIM Ambassador Program

Are you passionate about the California International Marathon?

Do you enjoy meeting new people?

Become a CIM Ambassador!

CIM Ambassador Benefits:

  • Complimentary entry into CIM (reimbursement if you have already entered for 2018)
  • CIM apparel package
  • Gifts from our sponsors
  • Featured on our website and blog
  • Referral code to push out and chance to earn rewards

What does a CIM Ambassador do?

CIM Ambassadors help spread the word about CIM to their community!

Ambassador’s should be:

  • Passionate and active runners
  • Outgoing and friendly people
  • Able to make a one-year commitment (January – December)

One-Year Commitment Includes:

  • Active on personal social media accounts posting about CIM
  • CIM Instagram takeover during local large events
  • Involvement with local running clubs
  • Organize a community run to promote CIM
  • Help at the CIM Expo (Nov. 30 – Dec. 1)

The application process is currently closed.