Congrats to all our marathon, relay & 5k runners who took part in yesterday. And thank you to @that_runner_girl_goes for allowing us to follow along your training journey! “Welcome to the phase and my last post! ? As some of you may already know, yesterday didn’t go as I had hoped. ?? I began cramping extremely bad at mile 20 but mentally toughened up and didn’t give up! ? I learned more about my mental strength through those last 6.2 miles than I ever have. ?? Being able to ask for water ? from random spectators because I couldn’t move my legs ? and having cheers ? from fellow runners ??‍♀️ encouraging me to keep going were just a couple of the major reasons I knew I could do it. ? The ladies smiles behind me give you just a glimpse into the beauty of this running community! ? Thank you @clifbar for the rock solid nutrition. Your dedication to quality ingredients is simply unmatched and I’m grateful to have been sponsored by you. ??‍♀️ And btw, your cheer sections were freaking INCREDIBLE! ???? Congratulations, WE DID IT!!! And Boston..I’m still coming for you