Sierra Nevada Recovery Meal Recipes

Sierra Nevada, CIM’s official beer sponsor, provides CIM a premier post-race beer garden experience for people that are passionate about fitness and an active lifestyle.

Here are 2 great recipes specifically designed by Sierra Nevada chefs to aid in post-training/post-race recovery. The meals are protein and carbohydrate balanced to help replace the athlete’s glycogen faster. These meals are also designed to be easily digestible, ensuring nutrients are absorbed quickly.

How are they recovery meals vs. “just” good food?

  • Glycogen is a substance deposited in bodily tissues as a store of carbohydrates.
  • Faster glycogen replacement = better muscular growth and repair after a race.
  • Why do we need to replenish our glycogen? If we don’t replenish properly with carbs/protein, the next time we go to exert our bodies, we have less energy, which results in earlier fatigue.