October 28, 2016
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Half marathon and 20-mile run to serve as CIM tune-up

The Sacramento Running Association, organizers of the California International Marathon, and the American River Parkway Foundation will host the inaugural Run the Parkway event on Saturday, November 5.

Run the Parkway will feature a 20-mile run, a half marathon, a 5k and an untimed fun run and nature walk. All distances will start and finish at William B. Pond Recreation Area in Carmichael and will be run on the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail.

Proceeds from Run the Parkway will benefit the American River Parkway Foundation to help further its mission of supporting the preservation and enjoyment of the Parkway.

The 20-mile run and half marathon will start at 7:05 a.m. with the 5k and untimed fun run and nature walk starting at 7:20 a.m.

More than 1,000 runners are expected for the inaugural event.

Participants can register at www.runtheparkway.org. Cost for the 20-mile run and the half marathon is $85 from October 27-November 3 and $90 from November 4-5. The 5k costs $40 from October 27-November 3 and $45 from November 4-5.

The untimed run fun and nature walk is free to kids 12 and under until November 3 and $10 at packet pickup and on race day. The cost for adults is $20 until November 3 and $25 at packet pickup and on race day.

“The American River Parkway is arguably the most important resource for local runners, and local runners make up one of the largest user groups of the American River Parkway,” said SRA Executive Director Scott Abbott.

“It is a natural and important opportunity for these two organizations to come together to put on an event that can bring together the local running community to support and celebrate the Parkway in a meaningful way.”

The Sacramento Running Association and the American River Parkway Foundation have been working together since 2009 to bolster access for runners on the American River Parkway.

“With the addition of the Run the Parkway event, runners who train on the Parkway will be able to give back to this fabulous asset and support both organizations,” said American River Parkway Foundation Executive Director Dianna Poggetto.

Run the Parkway will be held four weeks ahead of the region’s most popular running event, the 34th annual California International Marathon.

The event will serve as the Official Training Run of the California International Marathon with the same nutrition and hydration at its aid stations as at CIM and pace leaders for every Boston qualifying pace.

“Run the Parkway is the perfect chance for runners training for the CIM to do a dry run, testing their race day fueling, hydration and pacing plans in a controlled race environment,” said Race Director Eli Asch.

Proceeds from the event will support American River Parkway Foundation programs specifically focused on usage for runners including bathroom maintenance, trash removal, trail maintenance and patrol and safety efforts.

“Run the Parkway isn’t just for runners training for the CIM,” added Asch.

“We all benefit from having the Parkway in our city, so we encourage all Sacramentans to show their support for Sacramento’s crown jewel by joining us for the 5k or untimed nature walk.”

The Sacramento Running Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to finding ways to encourage people of all ages and abilities to run. The SRA is committed to developing new, quality running events that appeal to a broad variety of runners.

Other SRA events include the 34th annual California International Marathon on Dec. 4, the Super Sunday Run on Feb. 5, the Credit Union SACTOWN Run on April 2, the Gold Rush 50k on May 14, the Gold Country Half on June 11 and the recently completed Capital Cross Challenge.