August 25, 2020 – COVID-19 Update (updated Sept 15)

Thank you to everyone that participated in our registrant survey about potential modifications to the CIM event. We received valuable feedback from all of you that will help inform important upcoming decisions. We are still having ongoing conversations with city, county, and state health officials, and they have been helping us work through protocol for the potential execution of a safe event for runners, event staff, and for our community. With your feedback and their guidance, we will make a decision of how to proceed that takes into account all stakeholder interests with participant experience and safety being paramount.

We will provide more definitive information about the status of the event by September 25  (this date has been pushed back due to delays in meetings with state officials as a result of California Wildfires).

We know the uncertainty continues to be a source of stress for many — organizers included; however, we hope our “Worry Free” registration guarantee has already assuaged concerns for registrants if we do not proceed with the event. If we do proceed with the event, we will have a variety of deferral and other alternatives for registrants who do not wish to participate this year. Our goal has always been to put on a safe event to inspire achievement for those that seek it, and for those that do not, we have always been committed to making sure you have a reservation to achieve with us in the future.