12/10/2013, 8:30am PST
By ChronoTrack
Evansville, IN.

Organizer of the acclaimed California International Marathon looks to simplify event management while adding real-time athlete experiences

ChronoTrack announced the Sacramento Run Association has selected ChronoTrack to manage registration, on-site registration and race check-in, timing, live race services as well as media programs. After working with various timing providers and registration vendors, the organization is excited to consolidate services and data management with one trusted partner.

The Sacramento Run Association will work with ChronoTrack timing partner, Capital Road Race Management, in 2014 to support their events on ChronoTrack Live, the next generation race platform providing end-to-end management of registration and scoring through to live athlete services and results. Consolidating services will simplify event and data management, enable staff to focus more on athletes and allow new engaging athlete services.

“We are constantly looking for ways to simplify management of our events so we can focus on delivering great experiences,” said Sacramento Running Association Executive Director Ellen Moore. “ChronoTrack is the only partner that can provide us a complete solution.”

The benefits include:

One trusted partner: SRA can work through Capital Road Race Management and the ChronoTrack support team for all their race needs.
Everyone working on one set of data on the ChronoTrack plaform: Staff, volunteers and timer can work on the same set of athlete data to manage registration, on-site registration, race check in, timing and live services.
Engaging athletes with live services: Athletes and spectators have new ways to engage with events, from real-time online and mobile results to athlete updates on Facebook & Twitter and athlete finish video.
Simplify vendor management: Staff can work with on vendor for a broad set of needs.
The ChronoTrack Platform is a comprehensive solution that offers events a modular approach to accessing registration, on-site registration, race check in, scoring, live results, mobile results, athlete updates, on-site results, athlete photography and video finishes. This, coupled with timing services from ChronoTrack’s network of partners provides a one stop shop solution for races.

About the Sacramento Running Association:
The Sacramento Running Association (SRA), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization was established in 1982 with the mission of bringing world class running events to the Sacramento area. The first state of this mission was fulfilled when the inaugural California International Marathon was held in December of 1983. Since then the success of the CIM has enabled the SRA to expand its mission to encourage people of all ages to develop a healthy lifestyle through running. To this end, it has established a variety of running events and programs and provides funds and resources to a number of internal beneficiaries and community organizations. www.runsra.org

About ChronoTrack:
ChronoTrack is a trusted provider of race solutions for timing partners and race organizers. ChronoTrack supports 25 of the 30 largest races in the U.S. Its hardware and software solutions paired with certified network of partners provide the most comprehensive set of timing, race management and live race services available. More information is available here: www.chronotrack.com