Our on course fuel for CIM will be provided by @clifbar, and with CIM training in full swing we’re going to be following along with 2 runners who are using @clifbar to fuel their training! Meet our first featured runner, @that_runner_girl_goes: Hello, Kristina here! I am super stoked to be training for the California International Marathon! I have been running casually since college and find that every year I become more fascinated with the sport itself and the social media world it has created. I love using Instagram because it allows me to use a snapshot to highlight my running experience and add insight to my training, while offering others in the community to contribute their experiences! Run one, run all! Let’s all help each other reach that finish line together

We love to hate them, but hills can be a runner’s best friend @dreaflowers1 (@get_repost) ・・・ Doing 17 miles of hills got me like whoa ? I never run hills bc let’s face it- hills are hard!!! Despite getting up at 04:30 am & a broken Garmin (A runners worst nightmare), I pushed through & got it done ✅ I’ve only been doing hills for a few weeks, but I plan on sticking with it. After all, the only way to get better at something is to keep at it! This running thing is definitely a love-hate relationship. Thanks @embrahams for the company

Train hard & train smart! Welcome back to running @runningwithbabies @runningwithbabies with @repostapp ・・・ The body is stronger than the mind thinks it is. That smile right there is the look of pure joy. After 7 long weeks of ankle rest, I finally got the go ahead from the physical thereapist to start some low mileage running. ???? and though I have a big fat smile on my face, this morning’s 3 miles was not easy. I need to work on rebuilding my stamina. I’m looking forward to doing just that these next couple of weeks Happy Easter