What’s better than running friends? If you’re new to the Sacramento area, or to running, our SRA AmbasSRAdors know all the great spots to run! Feel free to reach out to them. Here is SRA AmbasSRAdor, @andrea_nichole916: “Hey all! I am so excited to hit the ground running, literally, to help grow the amazing running community in Sacramento. You can find me running in what I call my backyard, the American River Parkway, and showing up for just about every local race or running club I can. When I’m not running I’m home cuddling with my cats and hubby while watching anything on Food Network or chilling with the mouse himself at Disneyland. Make sure to wave or say hello next time you see me out and about, I’m always up for meeting new running friends

Happy Sunday! Who got in their run this morning? ?‍♀️?‍♂️ Meet SRA AmbasSRAdor @lizaroo. She tells us what makes Sacramento the best city to run in: “The Sacramento area is hands-down the best for running! We are blessed with near perfect running weather year-round, miles of uninterrupted bike trail along TWO rivers with access to water fountains and restrooms (score!!), an AWESOME network of parks and greenbelts, and the greatest running community around! Whether on a training run or at a local race, I can always spot a familiar face or make a new friend. The community is so accepting, encouraging and supportive, it always feels like home