@that_runner_girl_goes talks race goals for CIM, “CIM35 is fast approaching folks!? Run the Parkway was the perfect training run. My wishes were that those 20 miles would prove my training is paying off, and they came true!??‍♀️ After a successful long run my goals for Race Day are completely attainable!?I’m hoping to qualify for Boston at CIM, which will require a time of 3:35 or less, so running with the 3:32 pacer, Jen, was the best practice!? She even encouraged me to speed past her the last mile to end with an 8:02/mile average!!?? So, come Sunday, December 3rd, my goals are to drink water? at every aide station, eat 3️⃣ @clifbar chews (half the pack) every 45 mins?, talk with my pace group when I need to?, and crush that time of 3:35!?? I can’t wait to see everyone out there

CIM training update from @that_runner_girl_goes: “Everyone knows that putting in the miles is a necessary component of marathon training, but what is easily forgotten is cross training! Adding in some strength training, consistent stretching, and endurance cross training has been a huge bonus to my workouts. It is so easy to jump on your bike and ride down the bike trail, to not only give you a different feeling on your usual routes, but also encourage the muscles to be used in various ways. I love that cycling builds leg strength without putting stress on the knees and as always, engage that core! @clifbar is such an easy piece of the training puzzle. It’s easy to grab-and-go, making sure I have all the fuel I need to get in a strenuous workout and recovery properly