Happy Sunday! Who got in their run this morning? ?‍♀️?‍♂️ Meet SRA AmbasSRAdor @lizaroo. She tells us what makes Sacramento the best city to run in: “The Sacramento area is hands-down the best for running! We are blessed with near perfect running weather year-round, miles of uninterrupted bike trail along TWO rivers with access to water fountains and restrooms (score!!), an AWESOME network of parks and greenbelts, and the greatest running community around! Whether on a training run or at a local race, I can always spot a familiar face or make a new friend. The community is so accepting, encouraging and supportive, it always feels like home

Meet SRA AmbasSRAdor @manda_the_bear. Amanda is an amazing example that anyone can be a runner. You just have to get out there and run: “I love how accepting the Sac running community is of me, as I don’t look like the stereotypical “runner”! I am honored to be an Ambassador for SRA to show people that runners come in all shapes and sizes and even us big girls can be runners, too. I am by no means the fastest runner, but I give every run 100% and always finish no matter what

Meet SRA AmbasSRAdor @jd4mica. J.D. tells us what he loves about running in Sacramento: “The thing I love most about running in Sacramento is the variety. I live in Wilton, CA (Sacramento County), which is a small rural town near Elk Grove. It’s beautiful country running with great landscape views and a calm feel. When I run there, it really allows me to be more mindful and focus on the present without any distractions. When I run during the week, I’m usually running in Sacramento. As you can imagine, my views and feel are completely different, but not in a bad way. I really have grown to appreciate the differences between country and city running. It helps me appreciate Sacramento’s diversity. If I decide to head out on the American River Trail, I get a taste of nature right in the middle of Sacramento. It’s the best of both worlds

Marathon training is a journey! A note on being thankful during training from our CIM Ambassador @vancesa: “Celebrating thankfulness this weekend…thankful for the support of family, friends and strangers as I go into the last week before CIM! Thankful for my strong little body to carry me through so much running these last few months. Thankful for those around me who keep me calm during my doubts and fears. Excited for what the next ten days will be like