Who motivated & encouraged you to run? @jessgoesrunning: “The smile of a runner who was so excited to see her family at mile 13. • There is so much training that goes into any race, but support, whether it’s in person or through good vibes sent afar, is really the cherry on top of any race day. I may have logged the training miles to run my first marathon, but it was the constant motivation and encouragement from family, friends and fellow runners that made me believe I could complete a marathon.” ? @kremer1

Congrats to all our marathon, relay & 5k runners who took part in yesterday. And thank you to @that_runner_girl_goes for allowing us to follow along your training journey! “Welcome to the phase and my last post! ? As some of you may already know, yesterday didn’t go as I had hoped. ?? I began cramping extremely bad at mile 20 but mentally toughened up and didn’t give up! ? I learned more about my mental strength through those last 6.2 miles than I ever have. ?? Being able to ask for water ? from random spectators because I couldn’t move my legs ? and having cheers ? from fellow runners ??‍♀️ encouraging me to keep going were just a couple of the major reasons I knew I could do it. ? The ladies smiles behind me give you just a glimpse into the beauty of this running community! ? Thank you @clifbar for the rock solid nutrition. Your dedication to quality ingredients is simply unmatched and I’m grateful to have been sponsored by you. ??‍♀️ And btw, your cheer sections were freaking INCREDIBLE! ???? Congratulations, WE DID IT!!! And Boston..I’m still coming for you