Sept. 17, 2014
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Local runners can give back in Saturday event at Sunrise

Love running in the American River Parkway? Here’s a chance to give back to a scenic stretch of many a workout.

The Sacramento Running Association plans to use its September Come Run event on Saturday to help clean up the American River Parkway in the lower Sunrise recreation area.

From 9 a.m.-noon, runners can join SRA staff and Elite Team members in cleaning up trash along the riverbanks, pedestrian and equestrian trails, bike trail and levee area. The event is part of the American River Parkway Foundation’s effort to keep the popular and well-used recreation area clean.

Olympian Kim Conley is among the SRA Elite runners scheduled to participate. Runners are free to come and go during the three-hour window and can sign up for the event at

Gloves and bags will be provided. Water and snacks will be provided by the American River Parkway Foundation. Parking is free from 9 a.m.-noon.

The SRA clean-up area can be accessed off of Sunrise Boulevard just south of the American River. Follow South Bridge Street, which runs off the east side of Sunrise, then go down an access road which runs back under Sunrise and to the clean-up area just south of the river and west of Sunrise.

“We’re definitely trying to get people out and show our appreciation for the great resource we have,” SRA Executive Director Scott Abbott said. “It’s a great training and running area for the community.

“The timing of this is good. It’s at the end of the summer. There’s been a lot of rafting activity, overall summer activity.”

This clean-up is scheduled to stretch 2-3 miles in each direction along the bike trail.
A raffle for Run the Parkway shirts is scheduled to be provided by the American River Parkway Foundation. The SRA plans to hold a raffle for a Super Sunday Run entry and also will hand out free shirts from past events.

The SRA Come Run Series events are monthly fun runs organized by the Sacramento Running Association. These events are free and open to all members of the running community.

The Sacramento Running Association, which puts on the California International Marathon, is a non-profit organization dedicated to finding ways to encourage people of all ages and abilities to run. The SRA is committed to developing new, quality running events that appeal to a broad variety of runners.

If you would like to join in on the event please register HERE.