STRIDE Distance Learning

The Sacramento Running Association recognizes the challenges our educators are facing during this most difficult time (COVID-19) and appreciate all they are doing to meet the academic, social and emotional needs of our student-athletes. We were saddened when realizing the impact the school closures and distance learning had on many of their physical needs. In an effort to allow student-athletes to continue their weekly STRIDE opportunities, we have created a movement and running program that can be implemented by our student-athletes at any point from their home.


The STRIDE@HOME program is a weekly movement-based curriculum that can be distributed to all students in SCUSD.  The program features 5 days worth of activities every week that can be completed wherever the student engages in distance learning.  Each day also includes an add-on running option for students who have access to a safe running space and want to enhance their daily movement opportunities.

This program can serve as a school’s PE curriculum, it can work in concert with existing or developing PE curriculum or can be supplemental.  It is an optional program that will hopefully enhance your students’ distance learning experience and offer your students a positive and safe connection to your campus community.

The goal of this program is daily movement by our students!

Link to online programSTRIDE@HOME