About the American River Parkway Foundation (ARPF)

Run the Parkway benefits your Parkway!

Run the Parkway is Sacramento’s only running event that 100% of the proceeds benefit the American River Parkway Foundation!

Have you ever enjoyed a run, ride, walk, or kayak trip on the American River Parkway?

If so, you know how important the American River Parkway is to the Sacramento area. It is referred to as Sacramento’s “crown jewel,” a “blueprint for urban parks,” and the greatest recreational asset to our community. The Parkway makes our region an ideal place to live, work and play.

Have you ever wondered who takes care of the Parkway?

The American River Parkway Foundation works with Sacramento County Department of Parks and Recreation to care for the American River Parkway year round. The Parkway Foundation works to support the conservation and enjoyment of the American River Parkway by fostering environmental education, stewardship and volunteer opportunities.


In these ways and more:

  • Coordinating 8 programs along the Parkway, including running trail maintenance, trash clean-up, and habitat restoration
  • Staging four annual special events that support the work of the Parkway Foundation
  • Recruiting 5,000+ volunteers

Proceeds from this race will be dedicated to the Parkway Foundation’s activities, keeping the Parkway beautiful and accessible for all!

Why should I participate in the race when I can run on the Parkway for free?

Because you use it every day! It costs money to maintain such a valuable natural resource for our community to access. Each time you are on the Parkway, you have an impact on the area—whether you use the restroom, throw away an energy gel wrapper, or run on the dirt trails. Trash removal, trail maintenance, and land restoration are just a few of the activities required so that you can enjoy your American River Parkway.

Fun Facts: What does it really take to run the Parkway?

Each year, the American River Parkway sees 8 million visits for activities such as running, walking, horseback riding, cycling, kayaking, and fishing. The Parkway is 23 miles long and expands over 4,800 acres of land and water.

Sacramento County Parks:

  • Stocked restrooms with 28,800 rolls of toilet paper for $28,089.72
  • That’s 909 miles of toilet paper – equivalent to almost 35 full marathons or the drive from Sacramento to Vancouver, Canada!
  • Purchased 323,380 trash bags for $26,804.78
  • Kept you safe with 26 rangers on staff

In 2018, the American River Parkway Foundation:

  • Cleaned up 100, 705 pounds of trash
  • Removed 150, 102 invasive plants such as yellow star thistle, stinkwort, and red sesbania
  • 1,903 4th-7th graders from Sacramento Title I schools were taught at the River Bend Outdoor Educational Site
  • Organized 5,221 volunteers to take care of the Parkway
  • Volunteers donated 15,830 hours
  • Purchased 68,000 poop bags to be distributed to 18 dispensers along the Parkway
  • Cleared 9 miles of trails

    We need your support to keep going! Register for Run the Parkway and give back to your American River Parkway.

    Visit www.arpf.org to learn more about the American River Parkway Foundation, tax ID# 94-2881344. We’d love to hear from you! Call (916) 486-2773 or email to get in touch with us.