Happy Saturday! Our final introduction is SRA AmbasSRAdor @milestomedals. She tells us what she loves about running in Sacramento: “Sacramento’s community of runners is unlike any other. As cliche as that sounds, its the truth. At any given time of day you can be on the American River Parkway or downtown and witness runners in training mode or simply in their stress relieving element. For me, I started running as a way of physical fitness, but once I discovered what it not only did for my body, but my mind, heart, and soul — I was hooked! 
Now, four years since I started my journey and ran my first race, it truly is a magical feeling to know that today, I’m even more in love with my run life than I could’ve ever imagined. 
I am SO excited for the 2018 season and hope everyone else is also looking forward to running ALL the miles & having ALL the fun