Gold Rush 50k Course Details

Please note: The 2017 Gold Rush 50k has changed venues!

Due to trail access issues, we are forced to change venues and courses for the 2017 Gold Rush 50k and Relay. The event will now take place on the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail, with a start and finish near Guy West Bridge utilizing a 5-mile mostly paved loop along the American River Parkway.

Surface Details
70% Paved
30% Dirt

Course Map and Instructions

  • “Lap Zero”
  • Laps 1-6 (A clockwise loop of just under 5 miles completed 6 times by 50k runners and 3 times by each relay runner.)

All runners will begin by running “Lap Zero,”a just under two mile out-and-back. A Course Marshal will be stationed at the turnaround, which will be marked with a cone. Once they return to the Start/Finish line, they will begin Lap 1.

50k runners will complete “Lap Zero” and then complete six laps.

Relay Leg 1 runners will complete “Lap Zero” and then complete 3 laps (just over 16.5 miles). Relay Leg 2 runners will complete 3 laps (just over 14.5 miles).

Please note: Please be aware of all other forms of traffic. This is NOT a closed trail event, so you may encounter pedestrians, other runners, bikes, and horses. Follow Parkway right-of-way rules at all times!

2017 Gold Rush 50K Distance Chart

Mileage Aid Station Drop Bag Cut-off
Start 0 N/A Drop it off!
Alumni Grove 1 1.98 Full Yes
Watt 1 4.43 Lite
Alumni Grove 2 6.84 Full Yes
Watt 2 9.29 Lite
Alumni Grove 3 11.7 Full Yes
Watt 3 14.15 Lite
Alumni Grove 4 16.56 Full Yes
Watt 4 19.01 Lite
Alumni Grove 5 21.42 Full Yes
Watt 5 23.87 Lite
Alumni Grove 6 26.28 Full Yes 2:36 PM
Watt 6 28.73 Lite
Finish 31.14 Finish Festival! Pick it up! 4:00 PM

The Alumni Grove Aid Station will be located just downstream from the Start Line and will be on the right side of the paved trail (drop bags will be on the left side of the trail). This Aid Station will have a full array of fluids (water, nuun, and soda), fueling options (salty snacks, sweet snacks, fruit, CLIF products, etc), ice, medical, and portalets.

The Watt Aid Station will be located under Watt Ave on the north side of the American River. This Aid Station will have a full array of fluids, a smaller array of fueling options, ice, medical, and a portalet.