08/11/2011, 4:36pm PDT
By Cynci

2011 CIM “Guaranteed Entry” – Learn More

FAQ for the CIM’s “Guaranteed Entry” Standards

29th Annual California International Marathon
Presented by Kaiser Permanente

Why has the CIM added entry standards?
Due to the CIM’s fast course, great running weather and quality management, each year many runners enter the CIM seeking a personal best time, a Boston Marathon qualifier, or an Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier. Our entries are filling earlier and earlier each year, and we want to ensure that these runners have the chance to achieve their goals at the CIM. We also want to allow them to enter without impacting the ability of first-time and fitness runners to enter.

How will this be accomplished?

  • Everyone has the same chance to enter as they had last year: there are 7,500 entries set aside for all runners, and entries will close when that entry cap is achieved, or by October 1, whichever comes first.
  • Then, from October 2 through October 15, the entrants who have achieved the standards listed below will be allowed to enter.

What if the CIM achieves its entry cap of 7500 well before October 2?
The Standard Achievers entry window will still be from October 2 until October 15.

The two-week window for these runners to enter seems trivial. Who cares?
Race management has looked at many options in order to be completely fair to runners of all abilities. Management has agreed that it is not fair to institute a lottery where everyone’s chance to enter is based on luck. Equally unfair is setting an earlier deadline, which means that entries are based on who has the fastest computer or the best Internet connection. And believe us – if you are one of those runners looking for a Boston Marathon qualifier or an Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier and have been shut out of other marathons just when you feel you are ready to make that standard, the two week window to enter the CIM will be most welcome.

How were the Guaranteed Entry Standards below determined?
These times are 5 minutes slower than the 2011 Boston Marathon qualifying standards. Although the Boston Marathon standards are subject to many changes, we sincerely hope a CIM Standard Achiever is ready for the next step: to run the CIM and finish with their Boston Marathon qualifier.

California International Marathon Entry Standards for October 2 – October 15 Guaranteed Entry:
Age       Men                Women
18-34    3hrs 15 min.    3hrs 45min
35-39    3hrs 20min.      3hrs 50min
40-44    3hrs 25min.      3hrs 55min
45-49    3hrs 35min.      4hrs 05min
50-54    3hrs 40min.      4hrs 10min
55-59    3hrs 50min.      4hrs 20min
60-64    4hrs 05min.      4hrs 35min
65-69    4hrs 20min.      4hrs 50min
70-74    4hrs 35min.      5hrs 05min
75-79    4hrs 50min.      5hrs 20min
80+       5hrs 05min.      5hrs 35min

* The qualifying standard must have been achieved within a 24-month window prior to this year’s CIM.
* An additional 59 seconds will be allowed for each qualifying time.
* Chip times are accepted.
* System uses registrant’s age on race day

The California International Marathon Presented by Kaiser Permanente is owned and managed by the Sacramento Running Association, a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization. Proceeds from SRA events benefit youth fitness programs and running venue development and improvements.