Catching up with Olympic Hopeful:
Lauren Wallace


Name: Lauren Wallace
Age: 26

Best events and PR’s:
800m – 2:00.4
1500m – 4:13

Favorite place to run in the Sacramento area: American River Parkway!!

Favorite place to eat after a run: Any type of brunch place. Fortunately, Sacramento has tons of options – Bella Bru, Orphan, Bacon and Butter, Etorres

Favorite movie or book: Movie- Wild Things Can’t Be Broken, Book- Life of Pi

Who is your greatest inspiration and why? My aunt Mary. She embodied love, compassion, toughness and resilience.

First or favorite Olympic memory: My first Olympic memory was watching gymnastics with my mom. Easily my favorite sport to watch. Hopefully I will have my own personal Olympic memory soon!!

If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see play the lead role? Oh man, tough one. So many great actresses… Maybe Kate Hudson or Blake Lively.

If there was a #tashtag that best describes you, what would it be? #sassy

What is your guilty pleasure? I LOVE dessert.

If you were not a runner, what would you aspire to be? Working either in Environmental work or International Relations.

What running accessory could you not live without? Shoes.

What are your social media handles?
Instagram: lmwallace800
Twitter: lmwallace800