Catching up with Olympic Hopeful: Kate Grace


Name: Kate Grace
Age: 27

Best events and PR’s:
800m – 1:59.4
1500m – 4:05.6

Favorite place to run in the Sacramento area: American River Trail, of course. I like the run starting at Ashton Park.

Favorite place to eat after a run: Somewhere with counter service (after a run I want my food quick!)

Favorite book: I like poetry. A book of poems by Pablo Neruda or Hafiz I could read again and again.

Who is your greatest inspiration and why? My mom, because she enjoys life and is always exploring new things, no matter her age. Also my Aunt Vera, because she cared endlessly for others.
First or favorite Olympic memory: I remember watching with my dad. He was always a huge supporter of my athletic career. He’ll be in Eugene at the trials!

If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see play the lead role? Claire Danes (though, not her homeland character) or Julia Stiles.

If there was a #tashtag that best describes you, what would it be? Oh no! I don’t use hashtags enough to know! NorCal Distance has one I like… #optin , about committing to the goal 100%.

What is your guilty pleasure? Before races, I like doing absolutely nothing. I could sit in a hotel that day and just have the TV on in the background for hours.

What running accessory could you not live without? It’s rare, but if I ever run alone, I love listening to music. So, headphones. And spotify.

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