Thank you for joining us for Run The Parkway, the "Official Training Run" of the California International Marathon and Sacramento's only race that 100% supports the Parkway Foundation. We are honored that you chose to run with us and support the American River Parkway Foundation while getting in one of your last big long runs before CIM. You are now CIM-ready! This year's edition of Run the Parkway raised over $30,000 for the ARPF bringing the total to over $215,000 for the seven-year run of this event. Thanks to you, Run the Parkway is able to help the ARPF further its mission of supporting the preservation and enjoyment of the Parkway, the “crown jewel” of Sacramento Parks.
On behalf of the American River Parkway Foundation and the 8 million users of the Parkway, thank you for participating in the 7th edition of Run the Parkway. All proceeds from your support go towards the upkeep and maintenance of the multi-use trails. This includes the installation of carsonite signs and clearing vegetation on the trails we all love. The Sacramento community is fortunate to have a 23-mile stretch of paved and dirt trails, free from cars, where you can enjoy the tranquil beauty of the river and wildlife such as deer, coyotes, birds, and more. If you're participating in the CIM, we wish you the best of luck and happy running on the Parkway!

Dianna Poggetto

Executive Director
American River Parkway Foundation

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