Capitol Challenge Information

All event info below is subject to change. Most items below are based on 2019 info. Page will be updated once 2021 event info is finalized.

Date: December 4-5, 2021

Capitol 5k Start Time: TBD
Capitol 5k Start Location: TBD

California International Marathon Start Time: 7am on Sunday, 12/5
California International Marathon Start Location: 7550 Folsom-Auburn Rd, Folsom. For more CIM information, click here.

Capitol Challenge

Capitol Challenge runner benefits include:

  • Two races: the Capitol 5k (Saturday) and CIM (Sunday)
  • One long-sleeved technical T-shirt (CIM)
  • One beanie (Capitol 5k)
  • Three medals: one for the Capitol 5k, one for CIM, and a third medal for completing the Challenge!
  • 29.3 miles of world-class racing experience over two days!
  • Bragging rights!

The Capitol Challenge is open to marathoners only. Relay Challenge participants can register for the Capitol 5k but cannot register for the Capitol Challenge. If you have already signed up for CIM and want to take part in the Capitol Challenge click here.